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The following software products are results of the research done by Carlos Guerrero:


YAFS (Yet Another Fog Simulator) is a simulator tool based on Python of architectures such as: Fog Computing ecosystems for several analysis regarding with the placement of resources, cost deployment, network design, … IoT environments are the most evident fact of this type of architecture.

Source code available here.
Research papers [TBP].


VespApp was proposed as a citizen science tool to detect and control of the invasive yellow-legged hornet (Vespa velutina). It was accidentally introduced in Europe from Asia. Its first detection in Majorca (Balearic Islands; Spain) took place by researchers at the laboratory of Zoology in collaboration with local beekeepers in October 2015.

Vespapp is a software (mobile app and website) which aims to identify any suspicious observation (hornets and nests) by sending a picture to a global database. An expert panel received the information and then is confirmed or discarded. An action protocol is implemented in case of a positive identification.

Site here.
Android app here.
Source code available here.
Research papers here.

Web Mining Service (wms)

Companies and web sites store information about the user behaviour which is not shared with other people. A tool for public and free sharing of this information has been developed. This tool is installed as a Firefox Add-on and it stores, in a central system (Web Mining Service), the gathered information in the browser of the client.

Download available here.
Research papers here.

JMeter Data Mining extension

This is a JMeter extension created to allow for web structure mining process. This type of mining process is very important, for example, in the field of web performance engineering and web development validations. The extension allows users to define the HTML tags that wrap the content units and it creates a graph model to represent the content units of all the web pages and the relationships among them (aggregations). The usability of the extension has been validated in real scenarios.

Download available here.
Research papers here.

Multimedia and JSON on-demand server-side web cache

Integration of a web caching system in the back-office and web services of a content management system for mobile applications. The management of big multimeda files needs to improve the caching techniques to reduce the server workload. Carlos Guerrero has integrated a extended server-side cache system for multimedia content for Web Services implemented with JSON.

iPad application download available here.