Multi-objective Optimization for Virtual Machine Allocation and Replica Placement in Virtualized Hadoop

Skills: Author, Journal

Resource management is a key factor in the performance and efficient utilization of cloud systems, and many research works have proposed efficient policies to optimize such systems. However, these policies have traditionally managed the resources individually, neglecting the complexity of cloud systems and the interrelation between their elements. To illustrate this situation, we present an approach focused on virtualized Hadoop for a simultaneous and coordinated management of virtual machines and file replicas. Specifically, we propose determining the virtual machine allocation, virtual machine template selection, and file replica placement with the objective of minimizing the power consumption, physical resource waste, and file unavailability. We implemented our solution using the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II, which is a multi-objective optimization algorithm. Our approach obtained important benefits in terms of file unavailability and resource waste, with overall improvements of approximately 400% and 170% compared to three other optimization strategies. The benefits for the power consumption were smaller, with an improvement of approximately 1.9%.